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At Nu-Swift, we will provide your people with complete training so they have the necessary skills to act.

Nationwide fire safety training

Every business in the UK is required legally to offer regular safety training to its staff under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It is imperative that businesses focus on providing their employees with the right education and training to act effectively and stay safe if there is a fire.

The business is legally required to ensure complete safety for their staff, and high-quality training provided by experts can help in this regard.

At Nu-Swift, we have experience in conducting nationwide fire training courses, which have been designed to educate and engage your employees. The training will be conducted on the business premises, to ensure all practical and theoretical elements are related to the business environment.

Basic training

It is important that every employee, takes the Fire Safety Training courses, so that they understand workplace risks, emergency plans, and their roles during a fire.

Our courses combine practical advice on using escape routes and fire extinguishers with preventive guidance on reducing the risks of a fire. The course we offer include:

  • Practical demonstrations
  • Guidance on types of fire extinguishers
  • Firefighting, including classes of fire, combustion, and how fire spreads
  • Fire safety awareness including causes of fire and means of escape
  • An overview of key fire safety legislation
  • A short fire safety video

It’s a vital foundation that you can use to meet your legal obligations.

Fire warden training

Nu-Swift also conducts fire warden training courses, which are designed to provide designated wardens with more guidance, and provide them with more confidence.

The fire warden training is tailored to the fire risks and emergency procedures of your workplace. Our training course includes:

  • Fire extinguishers types and their uses
  • In-depth information on legislation
  • How to maintain fire safety standards
  • Guidance on the role of the fire warden
  • Firefighting guidance
  • Fire safety awareness

Get comprehensive fire safety and prevention training from Nu-Swift and give your people the training they need to stay safe in a fire event.

Contact us now to find out more or arrange your training.


Contact us now to find out more or arrange your training