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Fire Safety Signs

Within the UK, the current British Standard 5499 Part 10 is in force to improve public safety by providing guidance on the usage of safety signs and fire safety signs and is intended to be applied in situations where the need for safety signs has been established.

Our Service Technicians receive continuous training in strict accordance to the current BS 5499. This standard provides guidance on how to select, install, position and maintain safety signs. It also satisfies the requirements of the current Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations.

Correctly identifying the requirements for fire safety signs within premises, in particular, means of escape signs to ensure continuous and safe passage, as per BS 5499 Part 4, is far more complex than selecting signs from a catalogue and may have far reaching implications, so...

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The fire safety signs deployed by Nu-Swift are manufactured from a photoluminescent material, which emit a strong light source under sudden power loss situations. This helps people orientate themselves to ensure they can evacuate efficiently and effectively.

The loss of power and illumination in the event of an emergency can cause panic and confusion for the evacuee. Our products when used effectively locate, identify and instruct on all aspects of fire safety management, can make a major difference in an emergency situation.

These signs have been designed from the recommendations of the current British Standard 5499 to ensure the correct use of colour, graphical symbol, directional information and lower case supplementary text to provide consistent and unambiguous identification of an escape route.

All our signs also conform to BS EN ISO 7010, which has been recently implemented into legislation as the correct standard to follow with regard to the correct graphical symbols to use.

Ancilliary Products

Nu-Swift also have a wide variety of fire safety stands, fire extinguisher protection boxes, fire blankets, door guards, first aid kits and much much more, to compliment your fire safety management regimes.

  • Fire Blankets – Kitemarked BS EN 1869:1997 available in three different sizes, easy to use and easy to install.
  • Stands – We stock chrome and rotationally-moulded stands with the ability to hold 1, 2 or 3 extinguishers. These are ideal for reception areas or where the walls are unsuitable to fix an extinguisher.
  • Trolleys/Covers/Cabinets – Ideal for buildings sites, petrol forecourts or any extinguishers which are located outside.
  • Dorgard – Is a battery operated reliable legal acoustic device that holds a fire door open in any position and then automatically releases the door should a fire alarm sound. Dorgard is available in 4 colours, black, red, white or mahogany.

All of the above products, and many more, can be installed on your premises by our trained technicians. Contact us today to find out more.

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